Unconventional Home Security Devices aka Home Alone-ing Your Home

2009 September 21

Remember Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone and how he saved his family’s home from intruders by being a little more than inventive? What if you forgo all of the traditional security measures in your home and took your cue from this precocious kid? What kinds of nontraditional devices could you rig up to protect your home from sneaky crooks? Below are our suggestions for wacky ways to deter burglars.

Banana Peels

It’s common knowledge that banana peels can cause some of the funniest slips in cinema history, but even the Mythbusters proved that banana peels are incredibly slippery. So, why not place a bunch of banana peels under your window, causing your unfortunate crook to slip about like a Three Stooges clip? Maybe he’d think twice about continuing his ill-thought journey into your home.


Much like Kevin’s adventures in Home Alone, you can try to deter your would-be burglar with a little bit of glue. Maybe it wouldn’t stop him entirely, but it would most certainly stick his shoes to the ground, preferably outside—you wouldn’t want glued shoes to your floorboards, no?

Plus it would be funny to any passersby if the following happened:

Which leads us to our next uncommon security device…

Broken Glass

Annie Lennox said it best when she sang that love’s like walking on broken glass. So, once your burglar has lost his shoes—and is still stupid enough to forge ahead with his harebrained idea to rob you—you can easily slow him down further with a layout of broken glass. This tactic would also make a very loud alarm, as you’d definitely hear the noise of glass being crunched (and probably some loud screams).  Hey, it worked for Hans Gruber in Die Hard—not that we’re rooting for the bad guy here or anything.

Note: this device might not be suitable for those with pets or small children who like to roam during the middle of the night.


Look at how thrifty you’re being! Once your crook tumbles down the stairs, you can set a well-placed cactus to cushion his fall—on a bed of sharp needles! Not only might he have a broken bone, but now this hapless burglar will have a tushie full of cacti. We’d be incredibly shocked if he didn’t give up after this debacle.


If this robber makes it to your bedroom door after all the pain you’ve inflicted on him—which would be a shocker—then perhaps you should, literally, shock him. Rig up your metal doorknob to electrocute the crook should he make it up the stairs. There’s no way he’d be able to open the door after the pain he’s been put through on top of some good, ol’ fashioned electricity.

Of course, you could go the traditional route—complete with alarms, monitors and even a guard dog—by why not get creative with your home security?

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