Top 10 Baddest Movie Villains of All Time

2009 August 11

No crime can be committed without a bad guy perpetrating it. But who are the top baddest movie criminals of all time? Read below to see the bad guys who made us almost wet ourselves. We ruled out scary aliens and animals (i.e. Godzilla) who are simply misunderstood creatures and not pure evil like the dudes on this list.

Dumbest Movie Cops Ever

2009 August 11
by Darcie

We hate when movies play to stereotypes, but some clichés just play well on film—namely that of the dim-witted cop. Now, we’re not saying that all cops are dumb, but the ones on this list are the dumbest of the dumb and we’ll proudly laugh in their faces.

Honk! Honk! Top 5 Traffic Crimes

2009 August 10

There are real traffic crimes—you know, the ones that police officers can give you tickets for—and there are traffic crimes that just annoy the crap out of the rest of us. Every morning when we drive to work, we think about how many tickets we’d hand out to people who violate our rules of road, and it would be a lot. So, to be a kindly fellow driver on the road of life, please follow our rules below, and we won’t have to give you an imaginary ticket.

Step Away from the Melon! Crimes Committed at Grocery Stores

2009 August 2

Much like our post on crimes you can commit in a marriage, there are other public crimes that aren’t punishable by fine or jail time. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. Here are our biggest crimes committed by our fellow grocery shoppers. You know who you are.

The Crimes Against Marriage

2009 July 28

There are certain things that can be huge crimes against your spouse and your marriage. But what are the different levels of criminal acts you can commit and what are the penalties?

Crime Time: Best Caper Movies

2009 July 27

Movies have an innate knack for making us feel for the lead character, even if he or she is undeniably evil. In this trait, crime capers typically make the audience root for the crooks and thieves, especially if they are led by the likes of George Clooney.

But what are our favorite crime capers of all time? Read below to see.

Make It Work: Infamous Fashion Crimes

2009 July 23

Next month über-boy comic producer Marvel Comics will be releasing a miniseries to entice female readers to the comic book world. Called Models, Inc., Marvel will be uniting its so-called fashion-forward characters with Tim Gunn of Project Runway—in an Iron Man suit, naturally—for some mystery-solvin’ and good ole’ fashion hijinks.

Which leads me to wonder, “If Tim Gunn really was a super hero, which heinous past fashion crimes would he most want to change?”