Famous American Trials Series: Charles Manson

2010 February 4
by Darcie

Although there have been courtroom trials since the Greek days with the trial of Socrates, we would say that Americans are more captured by courtroom drama these days with the plethora of cameras and the Internet. But what are the most memorable trials in recent years?

Bringing the American Justice System to Your TV

2009 September 24
by Darcie

We love a good courtroom drama; no, not necessarily the eBay scamming type of courtroom dramas, sorry Judge Judy. But what are our favorites? And, more importantly, did your favorite make the cut?

Unconventional Home Security Devices aka Home Alone-ing Your Home

2009 September 21

Remember Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone and how he saved his family’s home from intruders by being a little more than inventive? What if you forgo all of the traditional security measures in your home and took your cue from this precocious kid? What kinds of nontraditional devices could you rig up to protect your home from sneaky crooks? Read on for our suggestions ofwacky ways to deter burglars.

Why Cats Make Terrible Guard Animals

2009 September 8

Although “everybody wants to be a cat,” let’s face it, they would make pretty terrible guard animals. We’re not gonna add fuel to the fire of the whole dogs vs. cats battle because we’re under the assumption that cats rule, but even we’d have to admit that cats could not guard our home efficiently. Even [...]

At the Movies: Crimes We’ll Take You to Court For

2009 September 3

Considering how many movies we’ve seen, it should also come as no surprise then that we’ve encountered a ton of criminally bad moviegoers. Sure there are the loud talkers, but did you know there are other crimes you can commit at the theater?

Stupid Crimes to Avoid During a Recession

2009 September 2

Let’s admit it—times are tough. Everything is getting more expensive, and jobs are becoming tougher to find. Maybe you’re not the smartest cookie in the bunch and want to resort to something a little less than kosher in terms of the law—not that we’re condoning anything illegal here—but the following scams and illegal actions are perhaps not the best way to go about making a quick buck.

Careers That Should Be Illegal

2009 August 31

We already told you about the crimes committed in the grocery store, on the highway and in your marriage that aren’t exactly punishable with jail time or fines—although they should be—but there are definitely professions that are technically legal but seem one step away from being criminal. Read below for our take on smarmy—but legit—careers.

All That Glitters: The All-Time Biggest Jewelry Heists

2009 August 24

Not just the stuff of movies, jewelry heists actually do exist, although they aren’t that frequent or easy as the movies would leave you to believe. However, they do take a lot of time, patience and precision. Nabbing that much loot isn’t done by chance—it takes a lot of skill and planning. Read below for some of the biggest jewelry heists in history, and, shocker, they all take place in the last 15 years!

Famous Cars VS. Thieves: Who Would Win?

2009 August 19

Everyone worries about how secure their car is from break-ins. It’s no fun to come out to your car and see smashed glass and a trashed interior. So, what type of car could prevent petty theft, and which famous cars are perhaps sitting ducks?

The 4 Most Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries

2009 August 17

We loved Unsolved Mysteries as kids. Maybe that show is a weird thing for a child to be watching, but we were always fascinated by these weird and mysterious cases that were never solved. Plus, the acting was always top notch…or maybe not.