Alarms & Sensors

Glass Break Detector Options

Glass breakage detectors are a type of burglar alarm. They react to breaking glass through sounds or vibrations. As they are simple to install and consume little space, they constitute a popular choice for many home-security-conscious homeowners.

Pool Safety Alarms

According to annual statistics approximately 375 children under the age of five accidentally drown in pools and an additional estimated 2,900 require treatment in emergency rooms for near-drownings. Some infants even drown in bathtubs. Families of children lucky enough to survive near-drownings incur heavy medical expenses following such accidents. Even conscientious people may encounter brief distractions while watching children; but, an unattended child may drown in a matter of mere minutes.

Magnetic Detectors

Magnetic detectors constitute a part of a system that triggers alarms upon unauthorized entry. They utilize magnetic fields to indicate normal status with a processing unit on one end of the system receives a continuous signal under normal conditions. However, when unauthorized entry disrupts the magnetic field the sensor then opens a switch that discontinues the signal to the processor. When the processor stops receiving the signal, it triggers the alarm. Many experts recommend magnetic detectors for windows.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Buying Guide

Hundreds of people die from exposure to Carbon Monoxide (CO) every year in the U.S. The risk is higher during the winter and fall months, when more people are using gas-powered heating appliances in their homes.

Baby Monitors

Word has it that when Hercules, the Greek mythological hero, was a baby, he killed a snake in his crib. Today, you can't expect babies to take care of themselves quite as well-and while a snake may not be at the top of your worry list, you still want to know that your baby is safe when you're out of the room. Fortunately, we've made some progress since the days of Ancient Greece, and you can now keep an eye on your child with a baby monitor.

Fire Alarms

It's a familiar fear-what happens if a fire starts when you're asleep, or if you're busy in a different part of the house? Well, if you have a working fire alarm, you hear an alarm and either catch the fire in time to put it out yourself, or get out of the house safely with your family and call the fire department.